Sugar Creek Lutheran Confirmation Class Inspires Us

When NDS Foundation was asked by the 6th Grade Confirmation Class from Sugar Creek Lutheran Church to help support their Blessing Boxes for Walworth County families in need, we couldn't resist.

These bright students were searching for ways help their community who was struggling with hunger and meeting basic needs.

They found the local food pantries could only offer limited access time for those in need.

Their idea was for "Blessing Boxes" to be placed throughout the community in well lit areas, so anyone, any age, anytime could come and "take what you need, leave what you can."

I am overwhelmed with gratitude!  I am teary eyed grateful!!!

I keep writing and rewriting and cannot put to exact words my thoughts!!

This will give us the rest of the building costs and fill the Blessing Box and then some!!!  The kids will be so excited when I tell them at church tomorrow!

I am eternally grateful to the NDS Foundation!  Please don't ever hesitate to ask if you ever need anything!

—Jill Hummel