Elkhorn Area School District Adult meal program

“Shave Joe For Smiles” & Elkhorn Area School District Adult Meal Program

Elkhorn Area School District Education Foundation

Our July fundraiser, Shave Joe for Smiles, was dedicated to helping families affected by Covid.

As the Elkhorn Area School District began planning for school pick up, delivery, and bus route stops for children's meals, it occurred to some that adults may be in need as well.

The children's meal portion would be supported through a state program but the adult meals would not be.

The district took a stance that families might be out of work, quarantined, or struggle with finances during this time. It also became evident that our aging population may require assistance due to visitors not being allowed into retirement apartments as well as those community members not being able to get out as they may have prior COVID-19.

The Elkhorn Education Foundation voted and decided that they would support an Adult Meal Program during this time. NDS Foundation was happy to support this thoughtful and timely effort.